Re: effing the ineffable

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 05:36:43 MDT


>Occasionally people ask if I want to upload when it becomes possible, and
>the answer is no. I want to enhance my mentality, but I don't want to
>climb simulated mountains, I want to climb the real rocks, eroding, subject
>to unpredictable weather, and requiring great effort to reach in some

All of which could, eventually, be simulated in a computer. *Everything*
you like about your sport could be recreated for your uploaded mind. In
fact if there is any way to improve on the sport, that could be implemented
as well.

I feel the same way about mountain biking. I love struggling to the top of
a mountain at the crack of dawn, arriving exhausted, sweaty and euphoric
just as the sun is rising. The smell and sight of the surrounding flora,
the cool nip of early morning air, ah....

But, hey, if the experience could be replicated in every way for my uploaded
mind in a computer, I'm there. For one thing, you'd heal a lot quicker
from a virtual crash than a real one (and since my enthusiasm for speed
tends to outstrip my skill level, that's no small benefit).


Life is good. Refuse to die.

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