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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 05:46:57 MDT

>From: Brian Atkins <>

>Again, you can climb this perfect virtual replica of realtime Mt. Everest
>in an exact replica of your pre-upload body (or whatever) set to really
>truly kill you if you fall. You can even do it with no backups of yourself
>if you really want to. It's all going to be up to you. Other people can
>climb with you, in fact perhaps there will spring up some kind of "real
>world rockclimbing" league of people who are into climbing only realtime
>replicas of Earth objects. Whatever blows your hair back...
>The point I guess is that upload civilization is really a /superset/ of
>"real" civilization. It can contain a complete copy of the real world,
>in fact I think this is very likely. Or you can still transfer your
>mind into some kind of robot body which might look and feel exactly like
>an old-school human if you want to physically move around in the origin
>world. Or you can create brand new worlds either designed by yourself
>or randomly evolved and eroded. etc. etc.

Mmm... Sounds yummy. Must be time for me to re-read _Diaspora_. Ask me
what I like best about immortality, and I'll probably say its the future
painted by Greg Egan in that book.


Life is good. Refuse to die.

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