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From: Trask, Robert E (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 09:33:01 MDT

> To me one of the great tragedies of the human condition is that the
> young largely ignore advice from the old.
The same folks who are repeatedly fleeced by evangelists, stock shams,

The same folks who start sentences with "It didn't use to be like that..."
or "I remember when..." or "We've always done it THIS way..."

The same folks who say I will "come around someday" because I do not go to
church anymore...

The same folks who blindly worked for one company their whole careers (if
you can call it a career) and accuse me of not being able to hold a job
because I wind up at a different company every few years...

No thanks.

I DO have a deep respect for people like my 80 year old neighbor who was a
D-Day veteran, and many, many others who ennobled the amazing time with
which we live. But advice, eaaahhhh.

I take advice from wise people, young and old.

Bob Trask

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