re: SV: Obsolesence of Intellectual Property

From: Matt Gingell (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 23:06:52 MDT

Max Møller Rasmussen wrote:
>From: Matt Gingell
>> Most free software is written by hobbiests - there is no 'cost', no
>> more than fooling around in your garage woodshop constitutes capital
>> expenditure which has to be recouped.
> Well that sentence at least is testable. Is there any data available
> as to whom contribute what and where they are employed?

If you want data on who contributed what, pick a project and look at
the ChangeLog. In the context you snipped, I was talking about initial
development. I wouldn't deny that mature free tools contain plenty of
code written under contract, or written by people adapting free tools
on their employer's dime for their employer's purposes. So what?

> Most of the free software I use is written by somebody employed
> somewhere for writing exactly that software. As you yourself are.

What software are you using? What do you consider free?

> I don't believe that free software is a hobbyist project anymore,
> but would like to see data to show me wrong.

'free software' is a broad category. Some tools are getting enough use
that institutions can develop to support and extend them. Again, so
what? I don't see any evidence of the fundamental shift you imply.


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