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> So let me get this straight: the resistant bacteria are present in the
> MEAT? If that is the case, then the reason there are resistant strains
> of bacteria is because the cows are not given ENOUGH anti-biotics to
> wipe out the bacteria, so the claims of the greens are not only bogus,
> they are completely the opposite of what the proper solution is.

Mike, I don't know quite how to reply to this, or even if I should, but
since I've had a very personal experience with antibiotic resistant
bacteria, I guess I'll give it a shot.

Resistant bacteria are not killed by the antibiotic they're resistant to,
even if you give them a large dose. I almost died from bilateral bacterial
pneumonia, because the bacteria were resistant to the antibiotics I was
given. I assure you I didn't stop taking the antibiotics. They simply
didn't work. The disease just kept running its course as though I hadn't
taken antibiotics at all. At the hospital they gave me different antibiotics
which still didn't work. Far as I could tell, I got well on my immune system
alone, although it certainly helped to have the oxygen and glucose IV's.


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