Re: MED/SOCIETY:'100% success' for male pill trial

From: Scott Badger (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 14:45:44 MDT

--- Wilson <> wrote:
> I feel exactly the opposite from those women you
> spoke to.. In my mind,
> given that (in America) the rule of law is strongly
> on the woman's side (in
> the case of child support/divorce/pregnancy/etc), I
> can't trust a woman to
> be truthful when she says she is on "the pill."
> If I can remove the need to trust her with the
> headsman's axe, as it were,
> then I'm all for it.
> --Wilson.

Headman's Axe? Hmmm, not my favorite analogy.

Actually, it sounds like you're in agreement with
them. Like them, you don't feel you can trust sexual
partners who claim to be using a contraceptive. I
agree, though. When it comes to something as
important as avoiding an unwanted pregnancy, "better
safe than sorry" should be the preferred strategy for
both parties. The advent of the male pill should
hopefully lower unwanted pregnancies by a significant


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