Re: Movie review and political commentary: The Patriot

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 22:53:51 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:
Gibson pulls no punches in this gritty, graphic portrayal of one of the
more unconventional leaders of the US Revolution. He tells it like it is,
or was, much like Speilberg's depiction of WWII in Saving Private Ryan and
Schindler's List. No favors are made to spare the sensitivities of current
day revisionists, propagandists, or, dare I say, outright traitors to the

Mike, after reading your post I felt I had to ask, "are you running for
office?" :) I think some comparisons can be made about how things were
than as compared to now. I would like to think a U.S. president and the
three branches of gov't would not be seen by many american people as
tyrannical on the level of King George.

I thought Gibson was great in the film. He does great as the loving,
fierce, introspective hero who lunges at his enemies with limitless
intensity. But to be honest, I felt the director (of Godzilla and
Independance Day fame) just was not up to it. I WISH so badly Gibson had
been the director and give it his talented touch. This film could have
been another "Braveheart" caliber film but was not.

Also, have you heard the accusations saying the real British colonal that
the character was based on was not a ruthless murderer but an honorable
officer? Or that the inspiration for Gibson's character raped his female

Gibson, and the actor who played the evil British colonal, not to mention
the battle scenes made the film worthwhile to me. How men could line up in
tight formations and not seek cover as the enemy fired at them at such
close range just floors me...

Anyway, it was a good, but sadly not great film in my view. I wish it had
been Gibson's baby all the way. "Braveheart" is one of my alltime favorite
films. "Freedom!!!"

My two favorite films of the summer are "Gladiator" and "The Perfect
Storm." I hope everyone here gets to see them soon.

best wishes,


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