Life Extension strategies [was Re: How does Taxol, Lapachone "fix" bad checkpoints?]

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 12:36:25 MDT

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, CYMM wrote:

> You're THE Robert from aeiveos, by Golly!
Hmmmm, should I be grinning here?

> Robert, if you practise LE type "supplementation" would it be possible for
> you to post your regime privately to people who might be interested??

I used to be fairly rigorous about this but I pay much less attention
to it now than I used to because I think the curve is moving fast
enough for it to make little difference to me personally.

However you should keep in mind that I may be wrong and I'm
crazy enough that I like to "live on the edge" just to keep
life interesting (I get bored too easily).

All that said, the stuff I think is important is a general purpose
multivitamin (without iron for men). I'm partial to Twinlabs.
I'm also fond of CoQ10 and Lipoic acid for your mitochondria
and think Carnitine is useful.

There are also some interesting arguments that you should throw
yourself into a sauna/steam room every couple of days
(activating your heat shock response to refold proteins)
and periodically fast or eat meals deficient in some of the
essential amino acids every couple of days (as a pseudo-CR
strategy to force protein recycling to shift the ratio
of new(good) vs. bad(old, potentially defective) proteins).

However I rapidly get lost with all the stuff people talk about
now-a-days, esp. the smart drugs. My general experience in the past
was that I noticed little personal difference with many things that
others rave about. I suspect that my general physiology is less
sensitive to most of this stuff or I'm mentally less generally aware
of my body & mind than the average person. Given that, it doesn't
seem to make much sense to play around with the various things
until general population genotyping can be done and I know what
polymorphisms I do/don't have so I can correlate those with
probable drug effects.

I think there is going to be a wealth of interesting stuff that
people will be able to do once we understand the regulation
of things like iron & copper transport & DNA repair a bit better.


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