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From: altamira (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 15:32:08 MDT

When the automobile was first introduced, there were all sorts of hysterical
articles and letters to editors published about it, including warnings about
the danger to life and limb, and even, as I recall reading, warnings of the
health dangers of such unnatural speeds; and there were speeches by
politicians about how automobiles must stay in their places and not go
around frightening the horses on the road.

It's true that we now live in a less free world, but to the extent that a
free market remains, I believe that truly useful products will make their
way into the marketplace regardless of hysteria.


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> Think again, John. I hate to be the one who consistently sounds
> what amounts
> to an "un-optimistic" note here, but I frankly think the time has
> come for
> proponents of technological and scientific progress to wake up
> and smell the
> roses -- pun intended. We are consistently losing the battle for public
> opinion.

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