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>Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 12:23:00 EDT
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> > Nevertheless my hope is that when people start to bring
> > beautiful plants into their home genetic engineering will shed its
> > image.
>Think again, John. I hate to be the one who consistently sounds what
>to an "un-optimistic" note here, but I frankly think the time has come for
>proponents of technological and scientific progress to wake up and smell
>roses -- pun intended. We are consistently losing the battle for public
>opinion. Genetic engineering technologies are advancing WAY faster than
>proponents are realizing, in an important sense -- and that sense is the
>public at large's acceptance of the technology. Read the following article
>that is representative of the coverage this specific development is
>The luddites are well organized, have a simple, consistent theme and are
>getting better and better at getting themselves insserted into every single
>news item announcing any progress. I'm sorry to say it, but as someone who
>works in the arena of public persuasion, I have to say we're losing -- and
> Greg Burch

Indeed, THEY HAVE THE AGENDA CLEAR. They know what the fight is about, they
know what methods to use, and who their enemies and their friends are. I
think it really is time to stop "playing around with computers" , and move
transhumanism into a more political agenda.


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