Re: Madison Ave.Love (was) True love may just be all in your head

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 00:28:59 MDT

> Scott Badger wrote: They talked about how
> Paul Newman has an almost perfect face with the
> symmetry and the jaw and eyebrows. Clinton was also
> noted as having unusually symmetrical facial features.

Scott I did see that program but I ha' me doots about some
of the information. Perhaps a little too strong on the symmetry
aspects of beauty. Consider the babe Shannen Doherty, pics
given below.

Theres an example of attractive yet definitely non-
symmetrical face. One of her eyes is noticeably higher
than the other. That syndrome has a name, I just cannot
recall what it is. Anyone?

Thought experiment: Choose photos randomly of 100 women,
all aged about 30, dressed similarly in beach attire, faces fuzzed.
Have a group of randomly chosen men select their 10 faves.
Calculate the body mass index of the highest vote getters. I
suspect they would fall in the 20th percentile range in BMI.

Repeat experiment with 100 men, all dressed similarly,
have ladies choose. I suspect the top vote getters would
be much more toward 50th percentile BMI.

My notion is that regardless of what messages Madison
Ave crams down our throats, some mechanism has caused
men to be born hard-wired with a preference for thinner
women, a preference not so clear in women.

Of course, the women get the last laugh at society's
apparent cruelty in urging them to go thru life 10-20 kg
below their natural weight: by a lifetime of struggling
and obsessing about a few extra kg of flab, the ladies
eat less than us ugly old boys, and as a result the
caloric restriction causes women to live several years
longer than their male counterparts.

Or perhaps the last laugh is with those few lucky men
who survive to reach the convalescent home to find that
there are now 5 women his age for every man. But then
again, tho he devours viagra he cannot do a damn thing
about any of them. I guess its all how one looks at the
problem, which is to say light-heartedly I hope. spike

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