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From: Scott Badger (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 20:10:47 MDT

--- Spike Jones <> wrote:

> > Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > The waist/hip ratio might be one of those things
> that we tend to seek
> > supernormal signals for, while the face seems to
> be one we seek the
> > pefect average.
> I may have an explanation for this. Surely sexual
> preferences are
> hard wired in our brains, by some mysterious means.
> Isnt it curious
> that in general men prefer women who are thinner
> than the average
> woman, but women prefer men who are closer to the
> average man?

Coincidentally, TLC had a program tonight called the
Science of Sex with appearances from Dr. Fisher and
Dr. Buss (major evolutionary psychologists). It was
noted that the coke bottle shape, waist to hip ratio
most desired is .67 and that today's most desired
women have that ratio but so did Marilyn Monroe. They
said something about how women with a certain % of fat
around the hips/buttocks in ratio to the waist was
perceived as good child-bearing stock. They also
mentioned research with tribes that have not been
exposed to Madison Avenue hype and found that the same
.67 ratio was observed to be most desirable.

They also said something about how the U of New Mexico
had run a study of preferences and had derived the
perfect female face. Gotta admit, even though she
doesn't exist, she is a hottie! They talked about how
Paul Newman has an almost perfect face with the
symmetry and the jaw and eyebrows. Clinton was also
noted as having unusually symmetrical facial features.

I couldn't find when it's going to be on again but it
was good television.


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