RE: What was the religious/ideological foundation of Nazism?

From: Corbally (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 16:43:02 MDT

>The Nazi party was heavily influenced by the Thule group, which were a
>Nordic occult group formed around the turn of the century. Many high
>ranking Nazis were members of Thule and much of the party ideology and
>symbology came from there - the swastika being an ancient sun wheel symbol
>(used a lot by Jews in the past) and the SS insignia being two Sigel runes
>signifying a spiritual victory.

Yeah, he did veer off into the whole mystical thing in the end. Should
have mentioned that in my previous post on this subject. I hear he also
claimed to have found the Tripitz by map-dowsing.

I believe the swastika was originally called the "flyfot", and represented
all sorts of nice and wholesome things. Apparently he reversed it from its
normal clockwise spin to an anticlockwise spin. That's how I could tell
the pictures in my school history books were reversed:) Didn't tell the
teacher though, he wrote it!

On a lighter note, anyone ever hear this ditty before?

"Hitler, he only had one ball,
Goering, had two but they were small,
Himmler, was very similar,
But poor old Goebbels,
he'd no balls at all!"

Was thought up by some British guy having a bath from what I heard:)

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