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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 16:34:50 MDT

J. R. Molloy penned;

>I had a near death experience last month. Actually, technically it was a
>experience. I stopped breathing and passed out. Let me tell you. I
must be
>one screwed up dude. Most people see a bright light and have a very peaceful
>experience on there way up to heaven... Not me. First of all, there was no
>white light. Second of all, instead of seeing god, I found myself in hell and
>met the devil himself. Satan is actually a pretty nice dude, and quite
funny I
>might add. It was no dream, it was so sooo real.
>You will be quite pleased to know that I have negotiated an express
check-in for
>all Extropy subscribers for when the time is ripe. (He said that just
>being an Extropy subscriber did not qualify in itself for entry, and
>urged those of you who are not Extropy subscribers, to try it out and
>he will at least consider letting you in). I got there during orientation
>was fascinated.

To which I'd add;

"Oh, your Irish? What do you mean you've been waiting half an hour



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