Re: Owning as cultural baggage (was: Is Eugenics Really A Bad Thing?)

Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 19:51:32 MDT

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> I've heard of people with perfect marriages, but I don't think I've ever
> actually met any. I had a friend, M, who's dead now so I'm sure she
> wouldn't mind if I write about her. She was around 20 years older than I,
> and everyone held her marriage up as an exemplary marriage, as proof that
> marriage DID work sometimes. Her husband was devoted to her. One evening
> was sitting around talking to her, and she said (out of the blue it
> "Bonnie, you know, I've hated being married. It's like I've never lived.
> But I didn't know what else to DO! Getting married is what women DID in my
> day!" I almost cry now thinking about her wasted life.
> Bonnie

    I've heard this kind of story a few times. The same deal happened to one
of my Aunts. She fell in love with her first serious boyfriend, got married,
had kids a dog etc. They always seemed like the perfect family, they had a
nice car, very nice house and moved to a bigger and better house every couple
of years. They were the envy of the whole family.
    Then after about 13 years of marriage she left because she hadn't lived
and wanted more out of life.
    Ironically, she remarried in about a year and now has kids, a dog etc
    I think there is a moral in there somewhere. Personally I love being
married and this is my second time. My marriage is far from perfect, but it
certainly is fun.


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