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Do they have a number you can call to ask questions?

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>Subject: Corn Flakes
>Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 01:46:57 +0100
>I recently chanced upon a box of "Whole Earth Classic Corn
>Flakes" that claim,
> At Whole Earth we are proud to offer you these cornflakes
> because:
> * We use organic La Plata maize that has not been
> genetically engineered.
> * They are crispy & delicious because they are toasted in
> a traditional way.
> * Together we're helping to support the farming methods of
> the future.
>Intrigued I explored further; to my surprise I discovered a
>section entitled "Why GMO-free?" Finally! A rationale!
>The following is Whole Earth Foods explanation of why their
>Classic Corn Flakes are GMO-free,
>-- begin quote --
> At Whole Earth Foods we have always promised that our
>products are GMO-free. For these corn flakes we use La
>Plata maize from Argentina, because it makes the best corn
> All the La Plata maize for CLASSIC CORN FLAKES is grown
>on organic farms, sold with the guarantee that it has been
>grown from non-GMO seeds. As part of the inspected and
>audited organic "chain of custody" it is kept separate from
>GMO maize or conventional maize. Every lot of whole maize
>grains delivered is sampled and analysed by PCR analysis for
>the presence of GMO. After processing a sample is also
>taken and analysed of the maize grits to reconfirm the PCR
>analysis done on the whole maize grains. Then, as a final
>control we regularly submit the finished packed corn flakes
>for analysis, just to be sure that the procedures we follow
>have been effective in keeping GMOs out of Whole Earth
>Classic Corn Flakes.
> We give you the guarantee that Whole Earth will always
>maintain these rigorous controls in order to protect your
>choice to purchase GMO-free foods.
>-- end quote --
>There you have it, the why's and how's of anti-GM flakes.

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