Corn Flakes

From: Bryan Moss (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 18:46:57 MDT

I recently chanced upon a box of "Whole Earth Classic Corn
Flakes" that claim,

  At Whole Earth we are proud to offer you these cornflakes

  * We use organic La Plata maize that has not been
    genetically engineered.

  * They are crispy & delicious because they are toasted in
    a traditional way.

  * Together we're helping to support the farming methods of
    the future.

Intrigued I explored further; to my surprise I discovered a
section entitled "Why GMO-free?" Finally! A rationale!

The following is Whole Earth Foods explanation of why their
Classic Corn Flakes are GMO-free,

-- begin quote --

    At Whole Earth Foods we have always promised that our
products are GMO-free. For these corn flakes we use La
Plata maize from Argentina, because it makes the best corn

    All the La Plata maize for CLASSIC CORN FLAKES is grown
on organic farms, sold with the guarantee that it has been
grown from non-GMO seeds. As part of the inspected and
audited organic "chain of custody" it is kept separate from
GMO maize or conventional maize. Every lot of whole maize
grains delivered is sampled and analysed by PCR analysis for
the presence of GMO. After processing a sample is also
taken and analysed of the maize grits to reconfirm the PCR
analysis done on the whole maize grains. Then, as a final
control we regularly submit the finished packed corn flakes
for analysis, just to be sure that the procedures we follow
have been effective in keeping GMOs out of Whole Earth
Classic Corn Flakes.

    We give you the guarantee that Whole Earth will always
maintain these rigorous controls in order to protect your
choice to purchase GMO-free foods.

-- end quote --

There you have it, the why's and how's of anti-GM flakes.


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