RE: Controlling the male sex drive

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 15:30:31 +1000

Elizabeth Childs (as a random example) wrote (on decreasing sex drive):

	There are several drugs currently available that can do this - Depo
	Provera and Depo Lupron are the two I know about.  Depo Lupron has
	severe side effects that sometimes last for years after the drug has
	been discontinued.  Both have been used on sex offenders to control
	their sex drives.

	At current levels of technology, this is a pretty dangerous thing to
	as testosterone is essential to health.

Meanwhile, Ralph Lewis wrote:
> Well as one guy at the gym said to me a few days ago, we are living in a
> great time in history, he was referring to Viagra. And he was in his mid
> 30's.
You've got to love any group of people where the younger ones are considering chemical castration while the older ones are taking Viagra. I found the discussion on lowering sex drive particular interesting - while it's not something I'm considering, it is very extropian, and is to be saluted. This kind of diversity of discussion is a sign of a healthy forum. Take it out there, transhumanism!

Viva life extension!