RE: Controlling the male sex drive

Ralph Lewis (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 10:14:53 -0700

I agree with you. when I think how horny I was at 15 and 16, (OK well even 12). If I had the knowledge I do now and the drive of the teen years it would be close to an ideal world.

I know what adults meant when they said "youth is wasted on the young."

Well as one guy at the gym said to me a few days ago, we are living in a great time in history, he was referring to Viagra. And he was in his mid 30's.


>Of course children aren't harmed by sexual experience. I'm with you here.
>The common dogma is utter excrement (as usual). Damaged in what way? Where
>is the evidence? Why then do kids love to play "doctors and nurses"? I've
>had a sex drive of varying magnitude for as long as I can remember, and I
>certainly wouldn't have minded some horny bird paedophile giving me the
>onceover when I was a kid, I can tell you.
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