RE: Some prison statistics

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:33:58 +0100

> Something else: though it's a long shot, it might be a good
> idea to try to get the/a government interested in cryo prisons;
> a "humane" alternative for long-term imprisonment, and a
> solution to the only real drawback of capital punishment (the
> irreversibility). The goverment(s) would get a cheap, safe,
> easy and "humane" way to store criminals and suspended
> animation research would achieve its goals (much) faster
> due to the unprecedented funding, so that cryonicists could
> get much better suspensions (just rob a bank if you can't
> afford to sign up ;). Everybody a winner, and as a bonus the
> immortality meme would spread much faster through society.
> Yes, this idea has been used many times in SF, but has
> anyone ever seriously tried to get the gov interested?
People want revenge. Cryostasis would be seen as an easy punishment for criminals, plus, as you say yourself, people will choose the option of cryostasis over certain bad social situations such as homelessness as it's so easy to take.
My idea of a fair justice system is one where serious offenders are given the choice between being banished from their country and being modified (requires future-tech) to remove their disposition towards violence or whatever. In other words, the conscious subject is not made to suffer as a result of a "bad" makeup which is basically down to luck, but action is still taken to remove the threat to others. Also, giving the option of leaving the country gives the subject the right not to have his brain tampered with against his will, which would be obscene.


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