Re: Some prison statistics

den Otter (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:37:28 +0200

> From: Sasha Chislenko <>
> Still, I am sure one could do something to alleviate problems.
> Allowing married couples to stay in one cell, allowing people
> books, TVs, and maybe small PCs (should help with intellectual
> skills and later socializing, and can be donated), and probably
> choose cell mates among their friends, could prevent thousands
> of rapes at much smaller costs than it would require outside of
> jail. And of course, not persecuting people for victimless crimes.

Yes, and of course automated prisons with no *forced* physical contact between inmates, minimal guard presence and heavy surveillance (of both inmates and guards) with direct links to the outside world. This would be relatively easy to implement, and would finally bring the prison system into the 20th century (and would at least partially compensate for the abhorrent flaws in the legal system). Perhaps it would even be commercially interesting to design and run such "model prisons"...

Something else: though it's a long shot, it might be a good idea to try to get the/a government interested in cryo prisons; a "humane" alternative for long-term imprisonment, and a solution to the only real drawback of capital punishment (the irreversibility). The goverment(s) would get a cheap, safe, easy and "humane" way to store criminals and suspended animation research would achieve its goals (much) faster due to the unprecedented funding, so that cryonicists could get much better suspensions (just rob a bank if you can't afford to sign up ;). Everybody a winner, and as a bonus the immortality meme would spread much faster through society.

Yes, this idea has been used many times in SF, but has anyone ever seriously tried to get the gov interested?