Re: Nextropians.

Michael M. Butler (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 21:25:25 -0700

Dear Anonymous Coward:

You may be right.


Adept #A-1555 of the Conspiracy To Come Back If Anyone Feels Like Reviving Us (Which Ought To Mean We'd Care About The Kind Of Culture We Might Come Back To, But Maybe If We Do We're Not The REAL Conspiracy To Worry About--Try The Bilderbergers, They Live Next Door...), But Only The OUTER Circle, Don't You Know, I Still Just Do Errands And Make Phone Calls For The REAL Elite


PS: I loved the typos. Whose writing style were you emulating?

PPS: I forwarded your letter to Ralph. *shrug* Good luck proving a negative.


>Call me an anonymous coward, a 'deepthroat', a Judas. If and when
>you're done calling me names, I hope you hear what I have to say.
>Anonymous Coward out.