Heywood Floyd (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 19:52:45 -0700 (PDT)

Dear list members,

Call me an anonymous coward, a 'deepthroat', a Judas. If and when you're done calling me names, I hope you hear what I have to say.

I am one of the trusted, one of the select, one of the chosen. Chosen you say? Yes, believe it or not there very much is an in-crowd within the transhumanist community. If you hang out long enough you may figure out who is part of the in-crowd and who is is not. For the remainder of the post, lets just call them the 'Nextropians'.

This elite network of Nextropians have their own exclusive and very secret list. No, it is not the extropians-select or the Polymath lists. How do you join this secret society? You don't, you're invited. It helps if you are already signed up for cryonic suspension. To them, that financial commitment is a sign you take seriously your extropic goals.

Don't beleive me? Ask Dr. Ralph Merkle, if there is not a secret society of cryonicists. He may say 'no', but I can assure you otherwise.

So what is the point of my post? Ask yourself, why the secrecy in the first place? Doesn't the knowledge that their are some extremely smart people conducting their most extropic affairs in secret give you the warm fuzzies? What is their motivation? Are they tired of all the mundanes encroaching on their territory? Are they afraid of the mortals shutting them down? Are they afraid of the government opressing their strong drive for freedom?

Although I have not revealed the exact identity of the group or their virtual wearabouts, I must make public their existence.

**As we approach the future at ever faster speeds, I believe it is the existence of such secrecy that fosters increasingly dangerous memes - those of 'Elitism', 'Superiority' and 'Exclusivity'. Can we say 'Ubergoo'?!

Spread the Knowledge!

Anonymous Coward out.

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