Re: freedom vs even distribution

Timothy Bates (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 17:27:39 +1000

If one assumed that only the first world could afford this (probably complex set of) pill(s), then the effects on global population would be negligible for the first century.
Of course, that kind of difference will dramatically increase geo-political tension. Still, we already have life differentials of several decades between the first and third worlds.

Heinlein dealt with this ... his long-life race stayed very quiet and just approached singularity all by themselves ;-)

> I have struggled with this Dan. If there is discovered a magic anti-aging
> pill, the inventor is in grave danger I fear.
> ...
> Should she disseminate the knowledge, we all face
> long life and an immediate threat of overpopulation, caused by the
> momentum of the human reproductive urge.