Re: freedom vs even distribution

Spike Jones (
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 23:35:45 -0700

> Spike Jones wrote: ...exponentially increasing
> > levels of technology, perhaps leading to a situation where a dozen
> > people achieve immortality while the masses die. spike
> Dan Clemmensen wrote: I think that the conclusion [that equality and
> > freedom are mutually exclusive] overlooks the likelihood of altruism
> among the potential immortals.

Hope you are right Dan.

> ...this assumes a zero-sum game in which a gain by the unwashed masses
> equates to a loss by an immortal. Information doesn't work this way.

I have struggled with this Dan. If there is discovered a magic anti-aging pill, the inventor is in grave danger I fear. Should she decide to hoard the invention for herself and family, the unwashed masses may feel a bit of, um, murderous rage. Should she disseminate the knowledge, we all face long life and an immediate threat of overpopulation, caused by the momentum of the human reproductive urge. The good part is that it will lead to space exporation with a new... enthusiasm. {8^D spike