Re: META: List discipline -- look out for ruling by Greg Burch

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> Max More wrote:
> >
> > Since Greg is more actively involved with the list than am I at this time,
> > he will announce our ruling to curb this problem. I stand behind his
> > statements and his judgement completely. Greg has the power to suspend from
> > the list those who ignore his ruling.
> Hear, hear!
> I would like to urge that the reasons behind the ruling be explained in
> sufficiently generic terms that the ruling can be retargeted quickly in
> case this happens again. I'm not necessarily suggesting that this
> particular ruling be expanded beyond guns, understand - I'd just like to
> support the idea of this ruling as a precedent-setting example, a
> framework, and not a temporary exigency.
> With many core transhumanist concepts going at least semi-mainstream, we
> have to deal with the fact that the Extropian list is known to a wider
> range of posters. This is a good thing, and I'm sure the majority will
> become valued transhumanists. But it's also true that a wider range of
> these posters will not be familiar with the core concepts of
> Extropianism. If the list is to remain interesting, there has to be a
> definite (and enforced) limit on non-novel argument about the
> fundamentals. I am fully in favor of explaining things to novices, but
> not *arguing* the basics with them.
> --
I do trust that the allegedly inviolable right of convicted violent criminals, children and the certifiably insane to free and unfettered access to the means of quick and efficient long-rannge mass murder is not such a "basic tenet" of extropianism. If it is, count me out.
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