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> > I think (or at least I hope) Cynthia's reference to "defective"
> > people meant those who are predisposed to criminal violence--not
> > something one associates with Jews or Japanese. How accurate
> > those stereotypes are is another subject. And if you ask me,
> > pathological conformism is a mental defect rampant in the Japanese
> > population; I don't know how genetically-influenced that is.
> I don't think that lower testosterone levels are cultural, nor are small
> delicate hands, and tiny noses. And these outward measurable qualities seem
> to be things civilized people have been breeding themselves for. If I was a
> space alien, I would think of asians as domesticated people, and Africans as
> the wild type. But I wouldn't say that one type was especially superior to
> the other.
There was a slight matter of continuous calorie deprivation serving as a factor in the process of natural selection in Japan, I believe.