Re: Armed to the Teeth, and Free by Stephen P. Halbrook

Cynthia (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 17:47:08 -0700

> I think (or at least I hope) Cynthia's reference to "defective"
> people meant those who are predisposed to criminal violence--not
> something one associates with Jews or Japanese. How accurate
> those stereotypes are is another subject. And if you ask me,
> pathological conformism is a mental defect rampant in the Japanese
> population; I don't know how genetically-influenced that is.

I don't think that lower testosterone levels are cultural, nor are small delicate hands, and tiny noses. And these outward measurable qualities seem to be things civilized people have been breeding themselves for. If I was a space alien, I would think of asians as domesticated people, and Africans as the wild type. But I wouldn't say that one type was especially superior to the other.