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Mon, 7 Jun 1999 12:40:09 +1000

Hi gun people, plus anyone getting cranky in the ongoing scorched earth that is this list of late:

I've found some stuff about a new discovery. It's a miraculous concept for getting your aggression out, focusing competitive urges, etc. Apparently, you can get really worked up, people can win and lose, all sorts of fire and brimstone can go on, and no-one gets hurt (well not too many people). Best of all, you can rope-off these impulses and get on with your life without spill-over, acting more or less like a (trans)human being.

Check it out (sorry, I don't have an abstract):


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> Subject: kneecapping ( was: Re: Cryonics propaganda...)
> "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> >> What you'd rather be tazered by a mean drunk without response than to
> shoot the bastards
> >> kneecaps off?
> and dwayne replied:
> >Hell yeah! What, you would? You'd blow somebody's kneecaps off if they
> >tasered you? Wow, what a monster.
> [...]
> >Wow, I'm still boggled by your "shoot the kneecaps off" comment.
> Somehow this exchanges neatly sums up a difference I detect between *some*
> American extropians and *many* of the rest of us from other apparently
> similar countries such as Oz (and maybe Sweden). Granted that Mikey's
> remark is rhetorical overkill, still it's the kind of trigger-finger
> fantasy (I hope!) that frightens and depresses people raised in slightly
> different cultures.
> (I'm still boggled, too.)
> Damien Broderick