RE: META: Not another flamewar (BUT RE: a bit of GUNS & a bit of

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 12:13:52 +1000

> One last thing: in BC Crandall's 2nd anthology (whose title I can't recall
> just now), there is , of course an article on u-fog and embedded in there,
> almost as an incidental-thought-in-passing, is the notion that nanotech
> (of
> some sort--some type of u-fog more or less) would enable a kind of
> macro-level active shield sort of interpersonal environment by be
> programmed
> to disallow (and pre-empt, intervene against, etc.) any would-be act(s) of
> AGGRESSION between and amongst people (and we're talking bodily aggression
> here, but this could be applied to some extent to "property" objects and
> what-not, as well). This struck me a way-cool (and utterly logical) and
> could be seen as the ultimate evolution/limiting case of non-lethal
> "weapon"
> tech thread here on the chatlist lately. Just a thought/quasi-reference!!
Until someone builds the u-fog shield disrupter-ray/nano-swarm/something else. Don't underestimate (trans)humanity's capacity for finding ways to be violent - it maps closely onto power, and so is not in danger of becoming an anachronism any time soon.

(Where's did I leave my anti-antishieldweapon-shield?)
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