RE: racism pollutes the extropian list

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>> Without getting too far into personal flames, you are a fucking twit.
>That is a 'personal flame', not to mention an example of gratuitous
>profanity. Keep it polite or take it off list.
Maybe just "keep it interesting". The odd profanity spices things up initially, but wears thin quickly. Try to get creative if you need to insult people.

I would point people to the post "HUMOR: Clever Comebacks for Flame Wars". This made me laugh out loud.

I think if people's personal attacks on each other could make people laugh until it hurt, no-one would be quite so cranky about the whole flamewar problem, because it wouldn't be so boring.

The key is probably to drop all pretense at rational debate, and just get down to some good old character assassination. But its got to be stylish! We are talking innuendo, double entendre (can I even spell it?), or maybe proving that postors are actually (failing) turing test candidates.

Or some actual information might be good, too.

I'm not even busy at the cellular level