META: Not another flamewar RE: Paranoia and sanctimoniousness pollute the extropian list (Was Re: ra

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 10:22:04 +1000

Please please don't get into this "discussion", not when the gun "debate" hasn't even cooled.

This is not going to resemble a rational discussion at any point after and including the post below.

Hey by the way, what does everyone think about the Abortion Debate. Or how about euthanasia? ummmm Sexual Harrasment laws ummmm Positive Discrimination ummmm Welfare ummmm.....

<somehow in the sea of electrons, a pattern which resembles a sigh propagates across the world, as a list finally dies...>


>From: den Otter[]
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>Sent: Friday, 4 June 1999
>Subject: Paranoia and sanctimoniousness pollute the extropian list (Was Re:
>racism pollutes the extropian list)
>> From: Damien Broderick <>
>> No, I don't wish to start a flamewar -
>No, I bet you just want to make yourself look good at the expense
>of others. That's sooo cheap...
>> But if Mr den Otter has changed his views completely in the meantime, and
>> really was just being playful, I withdraw my remark.
>On the issue of this particular remark (sig): once again, yes it was
>playful and not in any way related to previous critical posts on the
>race issue. Apparently an offhand remark is immediately transformed
>into a "conspiracy" against racial minorities (or whatever) in Mr.
>Broderick's paranoid mind.
>As for the other ('97) posts: though their essence(1) can easily
>stand the test of reason -which is what really counts-, their
>formulation may blah blah blah blah

[rest snipped due to boredom]