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> wrote:
> >Nowhere does it say that Extropians MUST be Libertarians. In fact I know
> >many
> >who are not. This is good. Especially if we claim we are in favor of
> >spontaneity and *individualism*.
> Indeed; there's no requirement to be a (big-L) Libertarian. However, a
> belief in spontaneity and individualism is of itself a (small-l)
> libertarian position, whether libertarian capitalist, libertarian socialist
> or whatever.
> I've been on and off the list since 1993; when I first subscribed, it
> was a haven for freedom-loving, future-thinking "libertarian gun-nuts"
> where we didn't have to waste time debating all the usual authoritarian
> crap we get in day-to-day life. Today most of the original members are
> long gone, seemingly replaced with Borganists who want to forcibly
> reprogram people to turn the Earth into "Happy Fluffy World" where
> everyone is nice to each other and conflict never happens; so much
> for individualism.
> Fortunately, deleting all Joe's posts has made the list a lot better
> (I still don't know how he got out of my kill file -- oh, it's a crappy
> Microsoft program, no wonder), but I think it's probably about time for
> me to go too; I'll give it another couple of weeks and see if anything
> improves. Anyone know if there's a list today equivalent to the old
> Extropians list?
> Mark

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