Re: FAQ: (was guns and guns and guns and guns)
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 06:20:31 -0700 (PDT) wrote:
>Nowhere does it say that Extropians MUST be Libertarians. In fact I know
>who are not. This is good. Especially if we claim we are in favor of
>spontaneity and *individualism*.

Indeed; there's no requirement to be a (big-L) Libertarian. However, a belief in spontaneity and individualism is of itself a (small-l) libertarian position, whether libertarian capitalist, libertarian socialist or whatever.

I've been on and off the list since 1993; when I first subscribed, it was a haven for freedom-loving, future-thinking "libertarian gun-nuts" where we didn't have to waste time debating all the usual authoritarian crap we get in day-to-day life. Today most of the original members are long gone, seemingly replaced with Borganists who want to forcibly reprogram people to turn the Earth into "Happy Fluffy World" where everyone is nice to each other and conflict never happens; so much for individualism.

Fortunately, deleting all Joe's posts has made the list a lot better (I still don't know how he got out of my kill file -- oh, it's a crappy Microsoft program, no wonder), but I think it's probably about time for me to go too; I'll give it another couple of weeks and see if anything improves. Anyone know if there's a list today equivalent to the old Extropians list?