Re: jeff's cyborg cells

Steve Massey (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 20:40:21 -0500

> But maybe we could design smart mycleia? Not necessary a hidden
> internet, but maybe something one could plug into to check on or
> regulate the local ecology.

Well if we have nanochondria capable of duplicating themselves when its host cell undergoes mitosis/meiosis, could we not create a wholly networked ecology just by implanting a few well chosen egg cells and seed cells with such?

Especially so if the implants also gave the resultant life form minor evolutionary advantages... just stand back and watch them take over.

It seems to me that this merging of nanotechnology with cellular biology could be an important tool towards an incremental rather than apocalyptic transhumanism... and that incremental transhumanism would be vastly preferable to anyone currently aiming at long term survival... thats us, right?

Steve Massey