Re: Approximating Hypothetical Beowulfs

Brian Atkins (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 21:14:46 -0400

Chandra Patel wrote:
> Hello list!
> I'm trying to develop a formula to predict the Linpack benchmark rating of a
> Beowulf. To make it easy I assume all nodes have the same processor type and
> the same bus and memory specifications. The factors I've identified so far
> are:
> 1) processor type (speed, flops rating, etc.)
> 2) memory (subfactors include memory access time, cache speed and size)
> 3) Ethernet capacity (throughput)

Yeah besides capacity and architecture (as someone else pointed out), I think you might also want to take into account the latency of the different network technologies. I think some Beowulfs use special types of networking (non-ethernet?) in order to provide faster message passing.

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