Re: Genetic Sex change operations?

Craig Dibble (
Mon, 31 May 1999 14:16:33 +0100

Spike wrote:

> When can we start discussing the new Star Wars?
> I dont want to spoil it for anyone.

Please can list members have some sympathy for us poor Brits, and others around the world, who have not seen it yet. We have to wait until July (16th/ 17th I think), and - unlike some obsessives I know - I have so far managed to avoid learning the entire plot of the film.

I suppose I can't object to discussions of the technology, but please try not to make your references too precise.

Sorry to be a pain, and I appreciate you actually having the courtesy to ask that question in the first place.



I haven't even seen the Matrix yet, but I've only got another week, maybe two, to wait for that.