Brian Atkins (
Mon, 31 May 1999 08:52:46 -0400

Familiarity breeds contempt ? It might be interesting to mod the list software to completely strip all identifying marks from posts so that you couldn't tell who wrote them.

Seriously, it seems the only solution is to keep the size down... if it gets big enough, break it up into multiple lists.

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> The curious thing is how deterministic this phenomenon is. From time
> to time, guns come up, a flamewar ensues and then lots of threads crop
> up about list quality. After a while it all peters out, list quality
> goes up for a few months, and then the next flamewar begins. Not
> unlike the quiescent - activated - refractive - quiescent cycle of
> chemical clocks. It has been going on here for years, and I guess it
> is endemic to many lists with sufficiently high volume.
> >From a memetic-epidemological point of view, what can we do to break
> this loop? Are there memetic solutions other than the traditional
> ideas for moderation, banning etc?
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