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Thu, 27 May 1999 13:51:18 -0700

Japanese Research Team Succeeds in Creation of Reporter Molecule Comline Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

A research team comprising scientists from the University of Tokyo and Kyushu Industrial University has succeeded in the creation of a so-called
"reporter molecule" with functions of information transmission through the
use of a fluorescent protein. The new technique is a method that will prove useful in the simple measurement in real-time of molecular information within cells, using cellular surfaces as the venue of information exchange between inside and outside the cell. In order to create the reporter molecule, the research group formed a certain yeast by implanting into the interior of cells the genes with the marker reporter molecules. When observing the cells in which the yeast had been cultivated after 24 hours with a laser microscope, a ring or green light was observed on the surface layer of the cells, indicating potential as a next-generation propagation system for an information transfer environment between the interior and exterior of cells.

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