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> >I'm probably going to provoke more rancid vitriol and get shot
> >down in flames for saying this, but just because something is
> >written in your precious constitution or your bill of rights does
> >not mean that it is the be all and end all,...
> Check the archives; I think you will find that none of us (or
> perhaps one) is using the Constitution as a /reason/ to support
> freedom. That would indeed be irrational. Laws are just paper,
> and the Constitution is no different. I certainly respect that
> document, and will use it to my advantage against the forces
> of evil when I can, but I do not make decisions based on it.
> My decisions are based on mt own judgment of right and wrong,
> and what works and what doesn't. Self-defense is a fundamental
> human right--and duty. Guns are an appropriate technology of
> the day for accomplishing that. When newer technologies come
> along, I'll fight for the freedom to use those too, and I'm
> sure that Goo Control International will fight against me.
> Gun control laws are a miserable failure by any measure; one
> doesn't need the Constitution to show that.
Notice that, in an Orwellian inversion, he labels those who don't wish everyone, including, children, the mentally ill, convicted violent criminals, and spouse and child abusers, to have the perpetual ability to shoot anyone else within bullet range as "the forces of evil."

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