Re: Gender Importance

Jocelyn Brown (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 11:10:11 -0500

>I suspect that, if given the choice today, more would choose to be males,
>primarily (I regret to say) because there are still more social rewards and
>opportunities for males than females in general.

I don't know that one gender will be predominately chosen in western culture. I know that I have a strong desire for a son, and when and if the time comes I will ensure this happens (technology can already do this). The reason for my choice is rather simple; I have always had interests that are more typically "male", such as video games, martial arts, action figures, etc. I have always been more able to relate to male children than female children. Therefore, I am more comfortable with the prospect of raising a male child.

However, I know of at least two men who if they had their druthers would have daughters. So, it seems fairly well balanced in my limited experience.

If you want to get really controversial, I can bring up the point that the smartest man will be smarter than the smartest female as a rule. Of course, the dumbest man will also be dumber than the dumbest woman. Women just tend more towards the average.

Men can also _as a rule_ adjust to change better than women, and the future will bring about a lot of changes and people will need to be as adaptable as possible.

I'm sorry if bringing this up makes anyone angry; it's just simple evolutionary biology.

As society stands now, both men and woman have strengths that society needs, and golly gee it just turned out that we compliment each other rather nicely:-) Of course, once we get to the point where we can use technology to change our gender predispositions, all bets are off. I just know that both genders have skills that are necessary, and I don't know how likely it would be that on average one person could have both sets, since they both involve characteristics that I don't think would mesh well together. Of course, who knows what a transhuman could accomplish?

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