Re: Gender Importance

Scott Badger (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 22:52:59 -0500

Gina wrote:

> In this conversation of future gender, let's consider the evolution
> of designer babies in this. When one is able to determine such
> things, including gender, what will the end result's be. Will thing's
> change, will there be more of one gender then the other. (case in
> point: the Eastern conflict: boy babies good, girl babies bad)
I don't
> know what will happen when we can select for ourselves.....

Hmmm, touchy subject. ;^)

I suspect that, if given the choice today, more would choose to be males, primarily (I regret to say) because there are still more social rewards and opportunities for males than females in general.

If economics were not an issue, I don't know. Not to be chauvinistic, but I once heard and suspect it's true that the male physiology is considerably less vulnerable to systemic perturbations...i.e our systems are more homeostatic and less susceptible to hormonal (an other?) fluctuations than females on average. We also have the strength thing going for us on average. We have a mild advantage at spatial relations on average. And I won't even count the writing in the snow thing.

OK, Gina. I would actually love to hear what you think women most enjoy about being women and why they wouldn't want to be men.