Re: Gender Importance

Gina Miller (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 21:10:05 PDT

Well Scott,

I am a tomboy and honestly most women, (but not all) annoy me probably in the same aspects that they could annoy men. They are more emotional, insecure and in need of validating.I know I am one, and sometimes even hate my own estrogen.

Although you appropriatly state that men aquire more social rewards women have their way's of manipulating things in their direction also. I like the physicality of being a woman, it's somewhat artistic. As a matter of fact, I was originally an artist (and still am) before struck in the head with nanofever,and for some reason I tend to draw the female body more than not.

Yes, men do have in general, more physical strength, although I was a jock up until my car wreck (basketball blah blah). But as far as selecting one over the other, that's a difficult call to make, I find beauty in most human beings.
And it's the differences that makes the world more than boring. Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>Gina wrote:
>> In this conversation of future gender, let's consider the evolution
>> of designer babies in this. When one is able to determine such
>> things, including gender, what will the end result's be. Will
>> change, will there be more of one gender then the other. (case in
>> point: the Eastern conflict: boy babies good, girl babies bad)I
>> know what will happen when we can select for ourselves.....
>Hmmm, touchy subject. ;^)
>I suspect that, if given the choice today, more would choose to be
>primarily (I regret to say) because there are still more social
rewards and
>opportunities for males than females in general.
>If economics were not an issue, I don't know. Not to be
chauvinistic, but I
>once heard and suspect it's true that the male physiology is
>less vulnerable to systemic perturbations...i.e our systems are more
>homeostatic and less susceptible to hormonal (an other?)
fluctuations than
>females on average. We also have the strength thing going for us on
>average. We have a mild advantage at spatial relations on average.
And I
>won't even count the writing in the snow thing.
>OK, Gina. I would actually love to hear what you think women most
>about being women and why they wouldn't want to be men.

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