Re: Mars: NOW!
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:36:33 -0400

Hi, I'm new to this particular mail group... I'm an Financial IT Administrator, operating as Technophile Consulting Inc. I Direct a sideline society organized, called Canadian Scientific Paranormal Investigations, who is a group that volunteers to scientifically investigate any claims of anomalous phenomena, and explain it rationally, with evidence.

Forrest Bishop <> wrote:

As part of my proposal, tentativly titled "Venture Mars", I have been
> asking people "Would you be willing to risk dying on Mars in exchange for
> opportunity?", or "Would you die for Mars?"

I would definitely go to Mars. At the pace the space organisations are going at, there will probably be a commercial shuttle/cruiser link to Mars, before a government sanctioned one.

We have sub-orbital commercial shuttle flights and a Japanese development contract for a resort on the moon. It's not long before a cruiser-size vessel is used to ferry people there and back- there's a demand for passengers with the financial means to travel into near space, a business opportunity that's on the ground-floor now. In 10 years, the space race will be making more instant millionaires than the internet, today. (To quote another email which came in through extropians.)

We have the technology and the money, Mars is well within reach as long as we have the courage.

Tamara Zyganiuk