Re: Geniebusters

Lyle Burkhead (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 01:22:05 -0700

Randy writes,

> However, will you agree that man himself, as a group,
> will be ever more capable of performing more and more
> complex work--as time goes on?

Yes, of course. My view is "static" only in the sense that I think changes will always occur within an unchanging framework. Changes will occur, no doubt about it.

> But then as I pointed out earlier, my main concern
> is only whether science will ultimately be *sufficient*
> for a certain, limited goal.

If your goal is reviving cryonicists, I don't know about that. But if you can hang on for another 20 or 30 years, *and* if you affiliate yourself with the right group, it won't be necessary to die at all.

I think people are reading a lot into my work that isn't there. I do anticipate major changes in the coming half century. We are heading for one of the great extinction events in the history of this planet, probably the greatest extinction event in the last 200 million years. Not many humans or other organisms will survive. The darwinian competition will reach an unprecedented level. Belief systems of any kind will be literally fatal. He who sees reality with unsparing clarity -- and acts on what he sees -- will survive.

Dan Fabulich writes,

> I've wasted enough time on this already.

We agree about that, if nothing else.