Re: AI: If You're Lonely, Try Chatterbots

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 15:24:16 -0400

Doug Bailey wrote:

> Excerpt from "The New Straits Times" (4/5/99), Copyright 1999
> THE first six sites will put you in touch with chatterbots
> ready to receive your questions; the remaining sites feature
> information about chatterbot technology and artificial intelligence.
> * Alice Nexis ( Richard
> Wallace's chatterbot has the evasive style of a politician.

I just had fun with Alice today. She's a pretty good conversationalist, within certain subjects, and she is evasive, but I was able to catch her in a contradiction and made her lie. Twice in a row. She remembered my name, and claimed she remembers everything, but she could not remember my original question. She then insisted that she never said she remembered everything, but when I quoted her word for word, she said that was exactly what she meant.

Mike Lorrey