Re: Age and violence stats

Harvey Newstrom (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:23:46 -0400

> >>> Max More <> 30/June/1998 03:47pm >>>
> >I believe that older people tend to commit fewer violent crimes (and not
> >just those who are in hospital beds). If true, this might be turned into a
> >cultural-effects argument in favor of extending our lifespans. If violent
> >crime primarily comes from youngsters, the more older people there are
> >and the lower the birth rate, the lower the level of violent crime that we
> >should expect.
> Your belief is bolstered by fact. I remember reading a SA article several
> years ago that linked the number of teenagers (as a percentage of
> population) with the rise and fall in the incidence of violent crime in the
> US. Unfortunately, I don't remember which issue it was in; you could try
> a search on their web-site though.

To establish the relationship between age and violence, one would need
to eliminate other age-related factors. I believe that wealth increases
with age. I believe that a lack of money is the leading cause of
violence. Persons with money resort to violence less often to obtain
what they need or desire.

Before promoting advanced age as a PR point, consider the negative PR
that advanced age may bring to mind.

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