Re: Information

Gerhard Kessell-Haak (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:43:31 +1200

>Just by the by: physical entropy is measured in joules per kelvin. The
>connections between physical entropy and information have been
>developed by a bundle of people, with foundational work by Maxwell,
>Szilard (see the book by Wheeler and Zurek, 1983), and Landauer (IBM
>Journal of Research and Development, 1961). Bennett wrote a lovely
>article in Scientific American on the subject in 1987; he and Landauer
>have written another Sci Am article on the subject, although I don't
>recall the year (1985 or circa 1990, I think).

Cheers Michael (do you have that term in the States? JIC, it means
"thanks"). Forgive me, but its been about 5 years since I last did this
stuff; most of it is a bit vague.

With regard to the info, I think the IBM Journal of Research and
Development, 1961, might be a bit tough to get a hold of here in NZ. I'll
give it a go, though.

>So information theory really supports calorie restriction?
See above. Maybe it does ;o)