Re: Creationists

Verdop (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:36:15 +0200

Eugene Leitl wrote:

>Well, what did you expect when trolling for flames? You made a
>sweeping assumptions about how we on the list are supposed to feel,

Where?? I made the assumption that a certain kind of religion/spirituality
possibly could help people to see a sense in the way they can use
technology. I never made assumptions about "how you on the list are supposed
to feel".

>so sarcasm was an appropriate reply. The reply expressed how I see

I don`t think of sarcasm as an appropriate reply in any situation. It never
leads to a better communication, understanding or any advance.

>the issue, so it bore at least 1 bit of information. Let's aim for a

ok, but I really believe you could express your opinion a different way...

>better S/N ratio.

I think I can agree to that...;-)