Re: voluntary end of privacy ?

Michelle Jones (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 23:35:54 -0700

> ...ALL credit and debit cards CAN be used to track one's
> actions. Every time you use such a card, a central processor is...

ok. suppose i want to explore the other end of the issue: voluntarily
broadcasting to the world (anyone who cares, which i supposed would
be very few) my every movement. i want to cast all privacy to the
wind! reason: i see this as the first step in forming a protoborg.

the reason the borg is such a feared thing (organism, colony, society or
whatever it is) is that it is entirely unclear that one might not
wish to voluntarily join it, especially if one is weak, sick, poor or
outcast from one's own society. one gives up individuality, but
perhaps one would get something valuable in return, such as being part of
a really
kick butt superorganism.

nowthen, seems to me we have all the necessary technology now to form
a protoborg, but we need a group of people willing to give up all privacy

to all the others in the protoborg. the individuals would wear some
of headgear that contains a videocamera, a microphone, and
an earpiece and a (this is the tough part) a video imager of some sort,
so that
anything i see or hear can be seen or heard by any other subunit of the
likewise i can see or hear anything being seen or heard by any other
the subunits could then communicate with each other at all times.
obviously, there is
no privacy whatsoever within the protoborg. what are the
possibilities? spike